Holiday Decoration Storage Rahway NJ
January 10, 2021

Store Holiday Decorations in Storage in Rahway NJ

Looking for more space? Blue Sapphire Self Storage is your one-stop shop for all things storage near Rahway NJ. We are about 25 minutes from Newark, and our facility is right off St. Georges Avenue and Route 9. We have the self storage and resources you need to get organized. Find affordable residential, commercial, and holiday decoration storage with us in Rahway NJ. Follow these tips to pack up your holiday items!

Holiday Decoration Storage 101

Keep all your holiday storage in one place in a storage unit at Blue Sapphire Self Storage! Since these only get used once a year, they are stored for the majority of it. That does not have to take up your everyday storage space in your house. Give the decorations their own space, so you can reclaim your closets, basement, or attic.

Keep Your Christmas Tree Box

This tip requires being proactive on your part. If you did not happen to save that box, your next choice for the best storage for your tree is a tree bag. That will keep your branches in good shape and prevent your needles from falling off.

Wrap Ornaments in Paper or Bubble Wrap

When packing ornaments, especially glass, you should always wrap them individually. At the very least, stuff the box with newspaper or bubble wrap for padding and to prevent them from crashing around.

Keep Wrapping Paper Moisture-Proof

Whether you keep your wrapping paper with your other holiday decorations in storage in Rahway NJ or at home tucked inside your closet, you should store it in a moisture-proof bin. It is no good to you if it is discolored or wrinkled.

Holiday Decoration & Other Storage in Rahway NJ

Blue Sapphire Self Storage is opening soon near you! Located off St. Georges Avenue and Route 9, we offer temperature-controlled storage to communities near Linden Airport. We can help homeowners clear out their storage spaces, and businesses can use us to expand. Call our office today with any questions. Then reserve your storage with us online!