Storage Supplies Rahway NJ
October 7, 2020

Pack with Storage Supplies from Our Rahway Office

Are you running low on packing boxes? The great part about storing with Blue Sapphire Self Storage is that we offer storage as well as sell storage supplies at our Rahway NJ office, so you always have everything you need. Our main goal is for you to have a good storage experience from the time you step onto our property. Find the right temperature-controlled or drive-up storage unit for you!

1. Label Everything

When you are looking for a certain item later, you will be happy you did this. Once your storage unit is packed up, it may be difficult to go back in and find something. Make it easier for yourself by labeling your box with the room and the contents. For example, a box with kitchen supplies should say “kitchen” or “kitchen cabinets” and more specifically, “coffee mugs and pint glasses.”

2. Towels Can Be Padding

Many people use bubble wrap and newspapers to stuff their boxes, but did you realize you already have some great make-shift padding for your moving boxes? Dish and hand towels are the right size for stick in between plates and cups to prevent them from knocking into each other and cracking. Larger towels and blankets can be used to stuff inside boxes so that fragile items do not move around in the box as they are being transferred from moving vehicles to the storage unit and vice versa.

3. Get Strong Boxes

Your first thought may be to pack according to size, meaning you are packing your largest items in your largest boxes. You should also consider the weight of your items when packing. Some of your boxes are in better shape than others, and old boxes pose the risk of breaking while you are trying to carry them. A good rule of thumb is to store your lighter items in older boxes and heavier objects in newer or just sturdier boxes.

Do not have enough boxes? Blue Sapphire Self Storage has your back. We sell storage supplies on-site at our Rahway NJ office on Elizabeth Avenue. A portion of our storage supplies sales during October will go to Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We appreciate your support!

Blue Sapphire Self Storage: Storage and Storage Supplies in Rahway NJ

Ready to start storing? Choose from Blue Sapphire’s drive-up and temperature-controlled storage units that range from 5×5 feet to 15×20 feet. Our experts at our office will gladly talk to you about your current situation to see what size storage unit and amenities you may need. And if you need boxes or furniture covers once you reach the facility, we sell storage supplies at our Rahway NJ facility. Rent now!