Commercial Storage
September 15, 2020

Commercial Storage: Space Your Business Needs

Are you tired of your business taking over your home workspace? Clear off your desk by organizing your business into a commercial storage unit at Blue Sapphire Self Storage. Our drive-up and temperature-controlled options will keep your items safe until you need to access them.

Why Rent Commercial Storage?

Besides the benefits of simply providing your business storage, commercial storage is also a much more affordable option compared to renting office or large warehouse space. Rent by the month so you can remain flexible for times when you have more or fewer items to store.

Temperature Control

Temperature-controlled storage units play a big role in commercial storage. Many times, the items you want to store require extra protection from harsh temperatures that can cause damage. These storage units assure you are coming back to your belongings the same way you left them.

Drive-Up Storage Units

You would want a drive-up unit when you need to store a bunch of large, heavy, or bulky items. Instead of storing on a higher floor in the facility, it would be most convenient to drive your moving vehicle directly up to the door of the storage unit.

Different Businesses That Use Commercial Storage

1. Trade Services. The tools and supplies you need for your immediate job are the only items that need to be in your truck. Store materials for future projects and any additional supplies in a storage facility close to your job site. Drive-up storage units are popular for these businesses when storing equipment and materials, like lumber.

2. Retail Businesses. Storage units are a whole other space you can use to organize your supplies and inventory. When you get orders, come pick up the products you need. And drop off batches of new products after you receive them or finish making them.

Commercial Storage at Blue Sapphire Self Storage

Blue Sapphire Self Storage is a premier commercial storage facility serving the Rahway NJ area. Nearby businesses owners can benefit from having a few extra square feet of storage to give their businesses room to grow. Choose between temperature-control and drive-up storage units in a range of sizes. Reserve your next storage unit today!