Home office Ideas
July 9, 2020

Home Office Ideas to Inspire Productivity

Are you working from home this summer and want to design a home office that encourages productivity? Blue Sapphire Storage made a list of home office ideas that will help you get things done and increase your productivity. Whether you are starting from a blank slate or trying to make some improvements, these ideas will help you transform your space.

Home Office Ideas to Inspire Productivity

Dedicated space

Most people do not have spare space, but many people can convert a guest room into an office space by storing all your items safely in a storage facility. Separate space is important for two reasons. It encourages your brain to transfer from “home” mode to “work” mode and literal physical separation will help you stay organized.

Invest in a office

Your office space needs a proper work height desk and chair. When making budgets for your home office, focus your resources on the things you really need for productivity.

Good lighting

It is very easy to underestimate the effects of your work environment on your productivity. Lightning is often an area people don’t think about. It is important in a home office for both ambiance and your eyes. Overhead lighting is usually best, such as from a ceiling lamp.

Benefits of Self Storage

It is easy to rent a self storage facility to make room at home with our online rentals. Blue Sapphire Storage also offers contactless online rentals which give you access to your storage unit right away. Increase your productivity and make separate space for your home office by storing with us.