Contactless Storage Reservations Now Available
May 7, 2020

Contactless Storage Reservations Now Available

Choosing a safe place to store your valuables while moving or after each season can be simple with a contactless storage reservation! Blue Sapphire Self Storage is a brand new storage facility coming to Rahway NJ. Our storage units are available for reservations for our opening in Summer 2020.

Reserve today with a few easy steps and have peace of mind knowing your items will be secure in our brand new storage facility.

  1. Select “reserve” next to the storage unit you want.
  2. Use our size guide to determine which unit will suit all your belongings
  3. Enter your contact information
  4. Select a reservation date within a 2 week period
  5. Choose “reserve” to save your storage unit.
  6. Complete the rest of the rental by signing the lease our office and receive your gate access code.