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March 7, 2020

7 Helpful Shed Storage Ideas

Spring is coming and your garage and shed may need a little organizing. We gathered 7 easy shed storage ideas to get your outdoor storage space in order. Check out these tips for getting the shed and garage together before spring.

Keep Tools Close to Where You Work

Lock the gardening tools in a secret cubby close to the garden. Make use of the wall space outside the house with tools you need most often.

Be Creative with Tool Storage

Reuse last year’s garden boxes for instant shelves in the shed. They easily hold paint cans and small tools so they are more accessible when you need them.

Use Magnets or Scrap Wood

Make a section in front of your workbench for screwdrivers with a scrap piece of wood. Drill a few holes on the top for each screwdriver and secure it on the wall. You can also make magnetic shelves and secure your metal tools that way. Keep soap cans for shed organization if you choose to have magnetic shelves. This is great for small pieces like screws and washers.

Self Storage & Patio Furniture

Use storage units to store the large items your shed or garage cannot store. You may have the space to keep all the cushions and tables inside during the winter but if you want to utilize this space it can be tricky to store and work in the same place. Self storage can help with this!

Make Cubbies for Kid’s Toys

The kids will enjoy cleaning up if it is easy to dunk the basketball back into place. A cubby style shelf is perfect for storing the kid’s balls, frisbees, and other outdoor toys.

Suspend Your Tools

Use leftover wood to construct a shelf for hanging tools with a handle. Leaning shovels and rakes against the wall can be tricky when you need one that is buried in the pile. This shelf will keep all the tools accessible.

Reuse Household Items

Upcycling is another way you can help give back. Use old bags to separate tools or a golf bag for easy organizing in the shed. This style bag is meant to carry heavy items and stand upright, making it the perfect storage solution for outdoor tools.